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it reminds me of my own game but better.

it's good, i like the art, i like gameplay, it's pretty good.

but 2 nitpicks, i would like the game to be a bit harder and the ability to to turn off the music, but not the sound effects

but overall it's good :)

There seems to be an input delay for me, either that or the acceleration takes awhile to get a noticeable speed, either way it doesn't quite feel right. Other than that though this is very fun!

use your mouse in that case



I love this game

Pretty fun game bro, good job. No complaints really I guess

Wonderful little game, especially with the score not being based on time but on forcing enemies to die.

How did you create the trail effect?

Game is so simple, but so satisfying
Good Work!


It’s shit I love it 



Very nice game congrats 👌😁

Can u add the highscore in the top right corner so we know what record to beat ?


I really love this game ! The creators are amazing :)


Best  game ever, I love it. I'm sure the creators are beautiful and very intelligents. :) 


Best game ever, even better of fortnite, overwatch, fifa, cod.

Love this game and the creators are the best and they are handsome.


I really love your game! It is almost a perfect one! Except theres no sound... I hope that you add that! :D








nice game ! and funny

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Thanks, glad you like it :)